Avengers Assemble!

Just bought an Avengers starter for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game or MUMG produced by Knight Models.

Will be busy glying and adding the Hulk and Hulkbuster shortly


Welcome back after a 1 year hiatus

So my hobby buzz is back on, not that I have’t done anything…more like I was pondering how to manage work and life balance.  Anyway I have been working on the miniatures scenery line of terrain, more apecifically their street scenery pack #1.  This is quite a good assortment of 2 dumpsters and 6 vending machines as shown below.

I also have some Bandua containers in the background.

The dumpsters are designed open or close if you add in a paperclip or wire to the join.

More terrain builds to come for Necromunda.

Rat Bastards

“Calling all gangers we have a Rat problem in the sumps, these rats are incredibly dodgy and there’s a nice bounty to be paid for their pelts.”  Guilder Araxius of the under hive  

A full house of 6 gangs took part in what was going to be a rat heist, too easy was what was being said by all the hangers, we are going to down those rat bastards.

Steve started and with a hiss of the meltagun took down a rat but at the same time burnt their pelts!  To his shock the rest of his ganders hit and wounded the rats but they passed all their dodge saves.

Rat kill count

Tom 13

Steve 11

Oscar 11

Hugh 8

Rob 6

Chen 2